Abans IT Introduces Sri Lanka's Most Sophisticated Tech Support & Customer Care Services for IT Products

It is safe to say that in today's world the bond between us and computers & tabs is irrepressible. The uses and influence of these magical devices have grown rapidly throughout the world and they have shown great potential to save money, time, and human effort. Be it a desktop, laptop, or a tab, the impact on our lives in terms of communication, education, work, healthcare, and entertainment is immense.

Computers, tabs, and human life are so entangled that our lives have changed beyond imagination providing advanced & effective facilities for our lives and to live without a computer or tab is practically impossible.

We invest in these costly devices and rely on them with all our faith as if our very life depends on them leaving all our valuable files, data & information in storage, praying on a daily basis that the device will hold its promise of delivering high & efficient performance.

The Sri Lankan consumer holds the product warranty in high regard but they fail to receive customer support once the warranty expires involuntary dragging the consumer into an uncomfortable situation where they miserably fail to obtain reliable, professional, trustworthy technical support at competitive rates.

An online platform that addresses the issues of the general consumer!

Abans IT has taken the reigns to directly address this issue and unveil solutions by offering professional technical support to Abans & non-Abans customers alike through their latest website, which contains an online store and a digital customer service portal enhancing the consumer's shopping & after-sales-service experience.

Online Support

Abans IT has dedicated a platform to offer remote technical support to its customers. The customers can obtain immediate, in-the-moment assistance with their queries.

Do you need assistance with:

A minor repair that you think you can conduct by yourself but require some professional assistance

An update or upgrade you would like to receive advice and guidance on

Clarification with regard to a product or a service

Obtaining assistance is a piece of cake. Simply visit Abans IT website and select "Tech Support". Out of the various options available chose "Online Support", fill in a few details and the Abans IT Remote Technical Support Team will get in touch with you within a matter of minutes.

Do It Yourself

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Accomplishment is key to offering you enormous amounts of satisfaction. Why keep rushing in search of a computer service center or your tech-savvy buddy when you can conduct a minor repair, update, or upgrade all by yourself?

Feel good nurturing yourself and giving yourself credit and a thumbs-up by doing it yourself! Let the tutorials show you the way!

Step into the Abans IT platform and simply select "Do It Yourself" where well-defined tutorials will support your quest. Doing it yourself will save time, save money and also heighten your self-reliance don't you agree?

24*7 customer support via chatbot

The website comprises a chatbot that supports the consumer with "always on" solutions. The chatbot offers you quick and accurate information at all hours of the day. Guess what, there are no queues, no more waiting and certainly no frustration.

Abans IT has paved the way for the consumers to make maximum use of modern technology and has designed quality & well-structured services to offer a premium level of quick and efficient customer interaction that undoubtedly will offer the Sri Lankan consumer peace of mind.

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Abans IT Introduces Sri Lanka's Most Sophisticated Tech Support & Customer Care Services for IT Products
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