Abans launches flagship smart education center

Abans launches flagship smart education center

Abans officially launched its flagship smart education centre last month. Located on the second floor of Abans Elite, Kollupitiya, this interactive centre aims to revolutionise the Sri Lankan education industry by demonstrating an innovative lineup of smart education solutions that will inspire educators, parents, and the general public alike.

The Abans Smart Education Centre showcases a complete all-inclusive smart classroom set-up that underscores engendering deeper critical thinking skills, improving motivation, and broadening students’ scope of knowledge. The interactive nature of the classroom also makes learning more fun for students, whilst fostering greater engagement with both the teacher and the lesson.

The standout concept demonstrated at Abans’ Smart Education Centre is the state-of-the-art Multi-Vision. Transforming any room into a smart virtual classroom, this concept facilitates educators to remotely teach students across the nation. Educators can now simultaneously conduct and interact with different groups of students in real-time, deliver advanced knowledge through collaborative instruction, and help students to easily acquire classroom content via livestream or playback. This solution is perfect for universities who seek to provide distance learning for students who reside in rural areas. Abans’ Smart Education Centre also offers another solution -- the smart classroom.

Teachers can project their lessons onto a Smart Board that acts as an interactive smart display replacement for the traditional blackboard. Possessing the latest technology, this display device includes built-in aids and software for different shapes, characters and scientific formulas, making lecturing more efficient and convenient for the teacher.

Plus, the lessons generated through the interactive whiteboard functionality of the all-in-one Smart Board will automatically be uploaded on the students’ laptops.

After class is over, students can store their laptops in a charging trolley that charges these devices when not in use, while keeping them safe from electrical damage and theft. 

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